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Dentures definitely have their place in helping patients who have lost their teeth, but they come with some limitations.  Many patients initially complain that while dentures do help them with improved speaking and chewing, there is an adjustment period of getting used to the change. Patients new to dentures will tell you that they can't bite as hard as they could when they had teeth. They also have to get used to having the feeling of fullness of the denture in their mouth.


Implant supported dentures can improve some of these complaints with dentures. Implants in conjunction with dentures can:

1. Improve stability and keep dentures from moving or falling out while speaking.

2. Improve chewing

3. Reduce the amount of plastic used in the denture.


Planning the transition into dentures or improving life with dentures may seem daunting or confusing. We would love to help reduce the confusion for you!



Aspen Surgical Arts is led by  highly trained, board certified surgeons who specialize in the most advanced methods for oral and facial surgery: Julia R. Plevnia DDS Daniel Escalante DMD and Jeremy R. Jannuzzi, DMD, MD


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