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Here are some of the more common issues that we address at Aspen Surgical Arts.


Oral Surgeons are routinely asked to be involved in orthodontic care (braces). In certain cases, extractions, surgical exposure of impacted teeth or placement of orthodontic appliances into bone are used to hasten and facilitate orthodontic treatments.


Impacted Canines


There are several different approaches to treatment for impacted canine teeth. The most conservative of treatments is to observe the tooth normally accompanied by extraction of the overlying baby canine tooth. The most aggressive form of treatment for impacted canines is surgical extraction of the tooth and, in some cases, this is the only appropriate choice for treatment.


The most common decision regarding orthodontic surgery is to undergo a procedure called canine exposure and bonding of traction device to the tooth. The traction device will be bonded directly onto the tooth using typical dental composite materials. This device will normally incorporate a chain that will allow force to be applied to the tooth to help pull it into position in the jaw by attachment of the chain to the braces. Exposure and bonding procedures are normally done with the patient under sedation in the office setting.


When your orthodontist refers you to us, we will explain all possible options of treatment. We do everything possible to make sure that you have a comfortable and well informed visit with us!



Aspen Surgical Arts is led by  highly trained, board certified surgeons who specialize in the most advanced methods for oral and facial surgery: Julia R. Plevnia DDS Daniel Escalante DMD and Jeremy R. Jannuzzi, DMD, MD


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